***** June 4, 2016
By Mario M.
Home Inspection

“Had a pre-purchase home inspection performed by Ron. Ron did an excellent job. He explained all of the issues and sent me a comprehensive report with estimates to fix the issues. It saved me thousands of dollars.”

***** Feb 22, 2016
by Chad on
An Outstanding Company!

As a first time buyer I was really nervous about the inspection but Ron put us at ease. Not only did he arrive early but he took his time going over everything. After the inspection we understood everything that was wrong as he took the time to show it to us, explain the issue and recommend a fix/estimated cost of repair. The inspection report was very thorough yet easy to understand with complete details and photos of all issues. We would highly recommend A to Z home inspection services to anyone looking for an inspection, no stone goes unturned and you get way more then you pay for.

***** Jan 08, 2015
by Kevin Doyle on
Thank you!

Ron did a great job w/ the inspection of our new home. As a first time home buyer there were a lot of things I didnt know and Ron took the time to explain them and even answer my follow up questions. The inspection lasted a little over 3hrs and covered everything from what outlets were wired correctly to the efficiency of the furnace. Overall, we were very pleased w/ Ron’s work.

***** July 5, 2015
By David J.

Ron spent about twice as much time inspecting our house as previous inspectors; and his findings and report were excellent and thorough. We would hire him again in an instant. Our house will be much easier to sell now that we can assure prospects that any problems hav

***** July 14, 2014
by Jacob Thronson on
Good job!

I would recommend A to Z to any first home buyers. Ron was extremely thorough and gave tons of helpful tips during his inspection. The only bad thing I can say is that I wish they were certified to inspect septic systems as well (which they may be now) so I could have got two birds with one stone. Never the less, I had a great experience with them. Ron claims his only goal is to aid and protect the buyer- And after working with him it is clear that he means what he says. He is a genuine guy who strives to ensure his client’s utmost satisfaction. It’s good to know someone like A to Z is looking out for you when you are about to make the largest investment of your life. Ron did a great job, and his report is very helpful- listing everything that can use fixing and approximate costs for each in an easy to read format. This really helps to prioritize what to fix first and what you can put on the back burner. Overall a very reassuring and helpful experience.

***** July 14, 2014
by Jacob Thronson on
A Real Professional

Very thorough and helpful to me and my old lady when buying our first home. Only criticism is that I wish Ron had been certified to do septic inspections as well so I could have gotten two birds with one stone. Never the less, he did a good job with plenty of helpful tips. Ron says he is there to aid and protect the buyer and the buyer only, and after his inspection it is abundantly clear that he means what he says and truly cares about helping his clients as much as possible. I would recommend AtoZ to any first home buyers. When making the largest investment of your life, it’s comforting to know that someone is looking out for you and strives to ensure your utmost gratification with your new home. Extremely informational when walking through inspection with him, loading his report with tips on how to fix all problems as well as general costs for fixes. This makes it really easy to prioritize what you need to fix first and what you can afford to fix first.

*****Sept.9, 2014
by Stan and Marcia Morley

A to Z Home Inspections (Ron Petro) did a great job for us when we recently purchased a home. He arrived promptly, was very personable and incredibly thorough. He not only looked into all aspects of the home we were buying, but offered suggestions and answered every question we had.
And the inspection report we received a couple days later was far more extensive than we had expected. Everything was clearly laid out in detail, including photos and part numbers for items we needed to get. We would highly recommend Ron and A to Z Home Inspections!!